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You (Patty Cheng) should run for Town Council. You are interested. We need people like you on Town Council.

Dr. Nirmal Gulati, Carpenter Park SF Homeowners' Association

Morrisville is fortunate to have such an engaged Citizen.

Morrisville Mayor Mark Stohlman, CPA

True story! I love how logical you are. You are going to make a great Town Council member.   ...Just tired of the hypocrites. We need more people like you on town Council who isnt afraid to call it like they see it. I'm glad you are running and we have a community of people who want to see change ready to support you. You know Morrisville better than anyone.

Lou Urani, The Groves, Morrisville Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Advisory Committee

Patty, You go girl. I am with you on this.... You are on the right on the money and 100% right in your argument.  The process needs to take into better respectful consideration to the effect and impact on the town/community....

Raj Narayana, Savannah Homeowner, former IBM-er, Real Estate services provider

Don't consider disagreement a bad thing: That is the essence of Democracy, particularly at the local level. Also, don't consider the term "gadfly" as having negative connotations. I hope that the local government and its citizens can learn to be able to have serious and sometimes difficult discussions in a way that is respectful and focuses on issues: that always furthers the public welfare. 

Morrisville Director of Development Services, Tim Gauss, 2014

Patty Cheng will be a champion for the people, a guardian of our tax dollars, a defender of minority views and a protector of the under-represented.

Annie Walton Wyatt, Morrisville's (historic) Green Family

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